Data Driven Marketing

Effective marketing understands the efforts, Business puts on their market or customers, and create products and services to meet the market needs while using the best channels for communicating to a target audience.






Healthcare and Pharma


Project Delivered

Client Feedbacks

    Upturn Team is transparent,
    responsive, and proactive. We have
    seen a great increase in the number
    since our association with them.
    Everything they’ve delivered aligns
    perfectly with our specifications.
    Every piece they send us gets better.


    Overall, it’s been a great experience
    and even more than that, amazing at
    presenting multiple options with
    Upturn and team. Upturn has a data
    driven approach to online marketing
    that has helped increase our Brand

    Paytm Mall

    We have been associated with
    Upturn since 1 year. They pull of
    campaigns in quick turnaround time
    with personalised approach to make
    processes easy to work with. We feel
    confident on getting the best advice
    for our digital advertising initiates.

    Standard Doors

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Helps brands manage and personalize their multichannel, multi-touch customer
journeys using data-driven marketing and customer engagement solutions.

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