Helping clients to re-define their branding digitally

Our Vision
Create new integration between brand, demand, and technology that empower our clients to succeed.

Our Mission

upturn consulting in Hyderabad creates a unique digital marketing strategies to use integrated Promotional tactics to help you reach more audience in today’s peer-to-peer online environment. We understand to identify and deprive the touchpoints in the customer journey and helping to build a brand demand in more digital engagement to reach and engage with more customers retention that matter most. With online technologies like CMS platforms, CRM solutions, marketing automation systems, and social analytics tools, we help you to crack a creative marketing strategy to amplify and scale your brand metrics and optimized reach and approach.

Who We Are


Ranjana Sahay

Shivali Priyadarshi

Team and Promoters

Vivek Srivastava

Prakhar Srivastava

Shantanu Chakraborthi

Shivani Priyadarshini

Anjali Sinha

Chinmaya Das

Ganesh Rayala

Ram ji Gopinath

Arisudhan Tiwari

Kritika Rai

sampath kumar

Ram Aasu

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