Although email marketing has been around for a while, it continues to drive significant results for small businesses across the country. Email marketing is used by thousands of businesses of all sizes across the globe. Even with the rise in popularity of other marketing platforms like social media, email marketing is still one of the best tactics that brands can use to reach and engage their target audience. Marketing your products or services by email can be a fast, flexible and cost-effective way of reaching new customers and retaining existing customers. Email marketing can allow you to create targeted and personalized messages. This can help you to build meaningful relationships with your customers. Here are some reasons why email marketing is seen by many as the most effective marketing channel.

Cost Effective: In addition to relatively low operational costs, one of the most obvious advantages of email marketing is its lower cost compared to mainstream marketing channels and traditional marketing tactics. Email marketers might consider investing in specialist software to automate, track and evaluate their emails. Email marketing also provides an attractive return on investment (ROI). Granted, there may be a small overhead for sending thousands of emails at a time, but these costs are far lower than what you would expect to pay using other marketing channels. According to one report from DBS Data, businesses can expect an average return of $38 for every $1 they spend on email marketing.

Brand Awareness: With email marketing, you can strengthen brand recognition with new and potential clients. Email marketing helps you increase your brand awareness by getting your email messages into the inboxes of potential new customers. The more consistent your communication is with your email subscribers, the more likely they will be to think of your business when they are looking for your products or services. Many businesses will develop a monthly email newsletter to deliver valuable content to their readers on a regularly basis. By providing relevant and accurate information that consumers find helpful, these businesses work to build their credibility and establish themselves as a thought leader in their given industry.

Drive Revenue/sales: When you adopt a communication strategy that fits your audience’s needs, you’ll have more people paying attention to your message and get a higher return overall. The main reason that most businesses invest in email marketing is the fantastic return on investment. According to the DMA, the return on investment for email increased from an estimated £30.03 for every £1 spent in 2016 to £32.28 in 2017. It’s clear to see that email continues to be the most effective marketing channel available to every business. Perhaps it’s time for your business to start making email marketing a priority.

More Leads: A major benefit of email marketing is that it often provides higher conversion rates than other marketing tactics. Not everyone who joins your email list will be ready to make a purchase or sign up for a service. Email gives you the opportunity to capture new visitor’s attention and nurture the relationship with helpful and informative content. By crafting well-written emails that end with a clear call-to-action, your brand can encourage readers to take the next step in the buyer’s journey, moving them closer to conversion. The majority of businesses using the platform only send messages to those who have signed up to receive them. This can allow for much higher conversion rates as a business is only targeting those who already have an interest in their brand.

Increase Website Traffic: Whether you’re an e-commerce business that sells products online that wants to increase traffic to your website so that you can bring more people into your store, Email marketing can be used to reach large audiences or smaller targeted lists which helps in increasing website traffic. You can link to relevant website content within your email message or craft a compelling CTA that asks readers to head back to your website to take a specific action.

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