Brand Management

Evaluate the search demand for your product or service.

Search Engine Optimization.

What do you want most from your search engine optimization company? A responsive team that anticipates and solves challenges? A focus on measurable search engine ranking results? A partner that can add value to your online marketing function?

Search Engine Optimization is a full-service process that encompasses everything from an initial consultation to keyword generation, copywriting, website redevelopment, creating incoming links, submitting and finally, reporting on service results. At Upturn we offer custom programs for search engine optimization that go way beyond standard to include SEO copywriting, web design and development, online promotional services and tracking solutions, to become your most valuable online marketing partner. We follow custom tailored practises for Keyword Research, Keyword Identification & Mapping, SEO Best Practices, Search Friendliness, MetaData Optimization, Content Review, Google Analytics Installation & Analysis/Search Console Installation & Analysis, Keyword Rankings Tracking.

Today, more than 90 % of Marketer use search engines as part of their decision-making process. A search marketing strategy will allow you to connect with consumers who have clearly expressed a specific need that your product or service can meet. If you want to grow your web assets over the long-term without sacrificing short-term results, our team of search engine marketing experts can help you generate qualified traffic across your entire online presence. We’ll develop a strategy tailored specifically to you, to make your objectives a reality.

What we can do for you :

1.Evaluate the search demand for your product or service

2.Establish priorities and a budget for your search marketing strategy

3.Create the right balance between organic and paid search

4.Increase your visibility among current customers and qualified leads

5.Continually measure performance and adapt your strategy accordingly

Principles of Brand Management

Optimally market your brand by choosing the appropriate medium and means. If your brand is innovative and fresh, promote your brand through content marketing. For example, a short message in your byline with the brand position is a great strategy.

All employees are brand ambassadors. Get buy-in from the entire organization to effectively communicate your brand. This internal adoption is essential for maintaining brand consistency. If internal brand partners have a central location to download and share brand assets, they have an easier time distributing and maintaining those brand assets within their own teams.

A great way to market your brand is have someone else do it. And who better to do it than an influencer the target market already trusts. This is called the third-person effect. The theory is simple, someone who doesn’t have a vested interest is more trustworthy and believable.

Facilitate brand progress by managing the visual elements that represent the brand. Color schemes and logos should be stored in your branding software to transform organization’s brand.