Ideation and Story Board

Our goal is to construct the best solution to satisfy the unmet customer needs of the target customers segments, enabling them to get the job done faster.

An idea is the output of the innovation process

The innovation process is understood here in terms of forming ideas for a new product or service, but applies equally to determining what shape a new marketing or content campaign should take. The aim in a successful ideation process is to generate content ideas that meet a business opportunity, and to find the right balance between commercial and consumer needs to drive influence, audience acquisition and content sharing at affordable investment levels. Some points towards strategic thinking behind solving a problem are often overlooked at the expense of a campaign or product’s effectiveness. Starting with the ‘Big Idea’ – the strategic steer – not only ensures that your tactical ideas are innovative, but that they work together in a larger ecosystem of output.

We don’t want to fill a whiteboard with lots of ideas that you just won’t have time to implement, we want to identify at least one key marketing idea that you can develop and action once you’re back at your desk – sometimes it only takes one innovative idea to generate the next breakthrough; and on occasion, we know those in business need a little bit of help to identify and develop those ideas. This is where our Idealization process comes in.

The Ideation Process, We help you work through a process to get to great ideas, Understand the context (Business, Market, Problem), Identify the key issues, Discuss ideas, Evaluate the ideas, Develop actionable key idea insights.

Ideas that Come Alive