Manufacturing Industry

The branch of manufacture and trade based on the fabrication, processing, or preparation of products from raw materials and commodities.

Manufacturing industry refers to those industries which involve in the manufacturing and processing of items and indulge in either creation of new commodities or in value addition. The manufacturing industry accounts for a significant share of the industrial sector in developed countries.

Today’s advancement of computer technology allows manufacturers to do more with less time. Now, thousands of items can be manufactured within the space of minutes. These technology can be used to assemble, test and track production. Each year, technology continues to make manufacturing increasingly efficient, faster and more cost-effective.


1) Manufacturing and Logistics companies have generally been slower in adopting digital technology than many other enterprises.This might be because of a misguided notion that the customers of these industries do not frequent the digital channels.

2) Traditional marketing efforts for manufacturers are proving far less effective than in the past. Trade shows, trade publication ads and cold calls aren’t working like they used to.
3) B2B marketers need to make a concerted effort to be found organically through online searches and position themselves as experts.

4) Marketing strategies are not one-size-fits-all, and the tactics that may work for B2C typically fall short for B2B manufacturers.

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