Worried about how you will keep up with the trend in Social media? Don’t worry, this guide got it all covered. Kick start your Social Media Marketing by implementing these strategies and unleash the true power of social media!
Social media has become much more than just networking. From advertising to selling product online, social media had it all. The whole idea behind social media marketing revolves around creating content in different forms that can be liked and shared by social media users within their networks. With the increase in the accessibility of internet through mobile devices, social media marketing has really gained steam, as it is a fairly inexpensive and effective way of reaching out to the target audience. Some of the social media platforms that are used worldwide include; Face book, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google+, and Pinterest.
If you don’t have a data driven social media strategy that shows ROI… You won’t survive in market” – Jack Kosakowski

Strategies you should be following for successful social media campaigns:

  • Show your content through Multimedia

If you have to choose the format of an article, what will be your choice? –  Lengthy article/ video explaining the article

More often the Video!!!! Now a day’s people are not much interested in lengthy article rather than they love to see the video or images explaining about the article. That’s why today’s content is not related to only textual explanation instead it is more relevant with videos and info graphics especially in social media era.

  • Customized your posting for every social media platform

Social Media has its own kind of environment. If someone wants to enjoy a video, they switch to you tube or if someone wants to know the latest trend, they switch to twitter. Which is why, a good social media marketing techniques should focus on generating customized posts for every social media channel, and not circulate the same message on all the profiles. This will help your followers across all platforms to judge your credibility and convert them into lead.

  • Start campaigns and contest/Offers for the audience

Campaigns and contest are fun if you provide any reward at the end.

This is how your campaigns can do wonders and help your business to reach the target audience more easily if you made    sharing the post, a compulsory requirement. The impressive thing about Facebook offers is that when someone clicks on such offers, they are sent an email with your website link, to their registered email address outside of Facebook, again improving the chances of your brand getting noticed by the right people, both on and off Facebook.

You not only increase your target audience but lure them to buy the product from your company.

  • Setup your brand on Social Profiles

If you are a start-up, then creating a brand identity should be among the top priorities in your agenda. And you will be pleased to know that social media sites can be the perfect platforms for that!

They give you the option of creating a complete profile with a name and logo, such that you can establish a credible online presence for your new brand and it will boost your brand in terms of visibility and credibility. This way people will remember your company by its name and logo, right from the beginning.

  • Respond to comments and queries frequently

One thing people always like is the way you response to their queries and comments. As a Company it’s your           responsibility to deal with your customer queries and respond to it as quickly as possible. Even if the comment is a grievance,    you must apologize and assure them you are working on the solution.

This will prove your sincerity to your customers and convince them that you take their complaints seriously which make them convert into your loyal customer.

  • Conduct Online polls and survey

One of the best means of connecting with your target audience and getting their views is by conducting polls or surveys online and literally asking your followers for their opinions.

Online polls on Facebook, Twitter or any other platform, would show your customers that you value their opinions, and how valuable they are for your company. This will enhance their trust on your brand.

  • Follow systematic posting schedule

It is important to publish your content at specific time interval so as to get more audience attention. If you publish your content at any time, there might be a chance that you cannot get desired audience attention.

Once you start following a systematic schedule for posting on your social profiles, your followers will know when they can expect an update from you, and hence, will see/read your updates more diligently.

  • Track and share result with the audience

If you want to attract more audience to your brand or want to keep your customers engaged and loyal towards your brand, start sharing your company growth and prospective with them.

For that, you will first need to track your progress and gather some quantitative results from metrics, and then represent them in the form of a blog (with pictures and graphs)

When you share such data or results with your followers and customers, it helps in creating a bond of trust between the two parties, while also showing them how well you are doing as a brand.

In other words, it’s win-win for you both!

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