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Strategy & Insight

Data drives everything we do, but even the most complex analytic need a human touch

Today’s hyper-connected customer choose how and when to engage with your brand through both online and offline channels and will switch brand loyalty the instance their expectations aren’t met.
Upturn’s customer-centric approach to customer experience marketing (CXM) ensures that every interaction-email, social, web, tele services, mobile-guides your customer through a positive brand experience.

We spend the right amount of time getting to know your target audience’s content preference, channels and conversion points to create a seamless, multi-channel experience that proactively engages their needs based on their behaviors and digital profile. By syncing holistic CXM program with content and social strategies, we allow your customer to map their own journey while a parallel analytics program tell your brand what’s working, what’s not and how and where to optimize for the best possible experience.